Adobe Express Page Not Showing Headers and Footers

On my Adobe Express (formerly Adobe Spark) page,, when using Cloudflare to redirect my site to use my custom domain, the headers and footers provided by Adobe are not showing up.

I don’t seem to see any other forum results that use Adobe Express for this express purpose. Please direct me there if I am incorrect.

As you can see in the linked example, the header is auto-hiding, and the footer is a completely different layout. When using Adobe’s servers directly, the issue doesn’t exist.

There are no errors that I have seen anywhere, it just doesn’t seem like Cloudflare is redirecting ALL of the traffic. I’m not sure why.

I have disabled SSL at Cloudflare, and the website won’t come up (more than likely due to the SSL at Adobe.

I have also tried with Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari, all with the same results.

I’m just really lost at this point. Hoping that maybe someone out there has run into the same issue.

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