Admins IP's keeps getting banned

Hi all, I’ve not used Cloudflare before, but I’ve inherited a site to do some work on, and 3 admins keep getting banned from the site with just the message “Sorry, IP has been banned”. I had no idea what the cause was, until I realised that the banned IP was not from my network, and when I traced it, it came from Cloudflare. I’ve logged in to Cloudflare and whitelisted our network IP addresses, but again today, I’ve been kicked out. Can anyone point me in the right direction on what I need to do to fix this? Is it a Cloudflare problem, a hosting problem or a site problem, I’ve not seen this before? The site runs on Drupal by the way, and hasn’t been updated in a while. TIA

Can you post a screenshot of such a message?

Hi Sandro, I’ve been trying to get the site to ban me, and it won’t do it when you want it to! So I currently can’t get the screengrab, but it is basically a blank screen, with the one line “Sorry (IP Address), has been banned” in the top left corner of the screen. It just seems to do it intermittently, sometimes I can login, and be editing and it does it, sometimes it bans me when trying to login.

That is most likely a block from the site itself and you will need to contact them. That would not be Cloudflare related.

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