"Administrator has blocked your IP from accessing this website" warning

I was trying to login to my Showit Wordpress blog. I was able to just yesterday.

Now, when I try, I get a message saying “the administrator has blocked your IP address from accessing this site”. I have tried incognito windows too - with same result. I AM the admin, so it’s definitely concerning seeing this - and it makes me think someone has hacked my WP blog account.

I’m now getting the SAME message pop-up, when I try to pull up other pages of my website morgantyner.com … I can’t from laptop or phone. This has never happened before.

I am very confused! Any help would be amazing so I could get access on my site/blog again.

That doesn’t appear to be a Cloudflare message, and instead is coming from what looks like Defender Security – Malware Scanner, Login Security & Firewall – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org.

You might find better support in their documentation/support channels for how to resolve this.

Thank you so much for your feedback! Is it odd though that it’s also now popping-up blocking my IP from other tabs/pages of my site? About page, press, contact, favorites, etc.

Could you possibly go to morgantyner.com and see if you can access these pages like normal?

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Yes the pages all work fine for me :+1:

I’d imagine this is due to some configuration of the Defender plugin you have installed. You could try temporarily disabling it to see if it resolves your issue.

Thank you so much for checking that on your end! The problem is I can’t login to my Wordpress account, so I don’t know how I will go in and disable/make these changes. That’s how I initially discovered the issue. When I tried to login to work on some blog posts – via https://domainname/wp-admin – this pop-up block kept coming up!

Nevermind, I have resolved that issue! Thank you!!!

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