Admin Panel with Cloudflare Pages & Grafana


Documentation on how to create an admin panel for a SaaS app using Cloudflare Pages and Grafana. The current plugin is for internal Cloudflare traffic.

The Cloudflare DNS Grafana App gives Cloudflare users a view of their DNS traffic from Cloudflare’s edge.

Grafana cannot be hosted on Pages. For the admin panel, it’s just like anything else, build it and ship it :slight_smile:

Lots of tutorials for deploying to Pages out there, I just quickly found this one on YouTube: Cloudflare Pages Tutorial - Deploy Your Static Site in ~90 Seconds - YouTube

Pages with Cloudflare Workers = a full stack application. There should be a way to integrate a full stack application with Grafana (or similar). I will try somewhere else.

Granafa backend is written in Golang which isn’t supported on Workers. If you converted the backend into typescript using the worker’s api you would be able to use Grafana on workers.

Thank you @Cyb3r-Jak3

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