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We have an issue on which only happens when Cloudflare is active. When trying to save changes on a page in the visual builder mode, the dev tool console shows an admin-ajax error 403 as you can see here:
Upload and share screenshots and images - print screen online | No errors are showing up in the server’s Apache, PHP-FPM, and Processwatch logs. There are also no errors in the WordPress error logs. When I pause Cloudflare, my client can save. When Cloudflare is active, she cannot. We see this on multiple workstations, on multiple networks and also multiple browsers.
Any ideas on how to address this problem would be very welcome :slight_smile:

If Cloudflare is blocking /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php then you’ll see the events logged in the dashboard under Security → Events. That should tell you if a firewall rule is blocking the request, and why.

Hi i40west, I can’t message you directly. So I am trying to ask you here.

I saw your post talking about how Mustache works for templating on workers.

I am trying to use for server side rendering it but cant seem to know the right set-up. My question is here Server Side Rendering of templates Cloudflare Pages without ‘node:fs’.

Thanks in advance

Here is the final solution to the issue where Divi Visual Builder will not save changes and shows a 403 error on the admin-ajax.php file. This issue is temporarily solved when pausing Cloudflare. For a permanent solution (thank you @i40west):

In Cloudflare create a WAF rule as follows:

(http.request.uri.path contains “/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php”)

Under WAF components to skip, select 1) All remaining custom AND 3) All remaining managed rules

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