Adjusting the caching level


I read the following in Cloudflare support: You can adjust your caching level and cache TTL in your Cloudflare caching settings under the section ‘Speed’.

I cannot find where I can do this. Perhaps is this because I have a free account?


I happen to be looking at my Cache settings on a free plan zone right now:


Ah, it’s under the Caching section…not Speed.


Ok. I see that I can change the browser cache expiration, but can I change the edge cache TTL without doing any specific page rules? What is it set at by default?


Edge cache time is…a handful of hours, I believe, and it only applies to static files. To make changes to Edge Cache TTL does require a Page Rule. Even then, it’s no guarantee your files will stay in cache that long. If it’s hardly used, it will get purged early.


Thanks…that was helpful.

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