Adguard can't work when i disable Cloudlfare

Hi everyone. Im from VietNam. My English is not good, hope you dont mind.
Im using Adguard and Cloudflare.

When i disable Cloudflare, Adguard report that error bellow. And i can’t even run Adguard again, even i reset setting. Adguard still don’t work. Only if i restart my Mac then Adguard is ok. But the error happen again when i disable Cloudflare.

![CleanShot 2021-08-11 at [email protected]|535x500](upload://e0i


“What’s strange is that the user reports that Adguard starts correctly when CloudFlare WARP is enabled. Once it’s disabled, we’re back to square one.”

I’m on Big Sur 11.5.2.
I just install both of them, i don’t change any setting or do something else, just install and use.
Can you help me how to fix this? Thank you very much.

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