Addthis share widget being blocked?

I have a firewall rule to block traffic from not CA and US. It works awesome.

That is my only firewall rule.

Recently addthis/Facebook’s share windoid had a hiccup.

I guess addthis/Facebook was crawling from a different country. Maybe?
Waf is off
Security Level is medium
Browser Integrity Check is on

Any help is appreciated.

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You could probably add an “And known bots - Off” like so

(not in {"US" "CA"} and not

Hopefully that would fix it; I’m not sure if CF’s geolocation method changed but all FB IPs should geolocate to their California office.

I see what your saying. The page was shared via addThis though. That muddies the situation. I do want to block bots still.

How do I know what rule blocked the capture? Perhaps it was a challenge and not a block.

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