Addthis app error

I install the addthis app from apps section of cloudflare for my site and i uinstall that app after seeing that slows down the speed of my website , even after uninstalling that app , addthis icons and its data present into my site and slow my website speed. Please help me in removing all data of that app.

If you continue to have issues, perhaps clear browser cache and/or try from an incognito screen to see if you still see the artifacts?

Browser cache cleared many times…also i m using wp rocket, so no issue of clearing browser cache.
Check my page speed score in google speed tool…you see addthis_widget which sucks uo the load time even i delete this from my website , it still affects my website.

Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? I’m not seeing any references to AddThis anywhere in your site’s code when I visit it.

As a precaution, can you go to the Cloudflare Cache page and “Purge Everything”?

Sir plz help me in removing addthis app from my website…

You are referring to, right?

As @sdayman already mentioned, I cant find any indication either that it is configured for your domain. However even it it were, you should be able to simply remove it from the “Cloudflare application” screen.

Sir see this screenshot…at below the icons shown are of addthis…even there is no addthis app is installed in my account., So how the icons are still shown in my website.

Might be a caching issue. Clear your cache. No such elements for me.

Sir cache cleared many times…also i am using wp rocket plugin for caching , and also caches were cleared manually and cloud flare cache is purged everything. But these icons don’t leave my site. Also you can check the GT metrix score and google speed test there you will abke to find out the addthis_widget.

Sir plzz help me in removing these icons.

I uninstall the app because that increase my site loading time. But even after uninstall that addthis app , their icons are showing into my website.

The link you provide when i open that no addthis app is founded because i uninstall that app.

All right. I can confirm that does show the file in question and it appears to be included by a Cloudflare application. However I do not get that file, so it is either a caching issue or something else is off on Cloudflare.

I could only suggest to clear once more all caches, if that doesnt change anything, open a support ticket.

Sir , caches were cleared once more.
You check DNS lookup section in Y Slow score of GT metrix , you find there widget.
I attach screen shot also.

I addressed all these bits.

All right, it would seem as if I can reproduce it, however only on Chrome. Firefox does not show the element in question.
It would seem as if it is because of the included JavaScript file “/cdn-cgi/apps/head/4JB5rlTNNOx1gh5Q0ezVtWyl9Yw.js”.

Considering you have seemingly removed the application in question, it is not clear to me why Cloudflare still seems to add that file, however that is something only support can clarify.

Hence again -> support ticket.

How will i contact to support team.?

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