Address won't fit in boxes

Trying to change Netgear router to Cloudflare but when I go to replace existing address with 2606 4700 4700 1111 the 4 boxes for address only hold 3 numbers apiece!! (see attached) Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks, Mark

The addresses there would be and

Ok thank you that was easy!! I wanted to try this to see if I could get more speed out of my router/wifi so I did a before and after speedtest and the results were the same…so no increase in speed. Is this surprising or sound normal??

DNS resolution will likely be a little bit faster, but you aren’t going to see any difference in general connection speeds.

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Ok thanks!! I ended up here trying it due to a Youtube vid declaring: “double, triple or even quadruple you internet speed in 5 minutes!!!” lol

Yeah! Welcome to the world of random myths on the Internet :smiley:

What Cloudflare’s DNS can potentially (no guarantee either) do for you is speed how quickly you resolve (translate) a website address to its IP address. How fast the site loads however wont change.

It’s a minefield out there!! anyway, thanks you both @sandro and @martin2 for your very prompt responses! Cheers!!

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