Addon domains

I have an unlimited hositing account and it has a few good important websites and a few rubbish and semi ok sites…

The primary domain is the one i really want to protect and improve perfromance and it already has an ssl

2-3 of my addon domains that are also important have their own SSL already installed

Question…if i buy one $20 plan for the primary domain, does it work, will it affect any of the addon domains???

I tried to look this up and work it out, but this site is too big and diverse for a newbie to Cloudflareand i couldnt find a chat function…

Im extremely it literate, but just not used Cloudflare before

Thanks for your help

So i think i worked out i just need to point the primary domain at the name servers for Cloudflare?

On my domain settings at my host
I currently have 2 name servers

and two A records

So im assuming i change the two dns name servers and leave the two A records as they are…

Correct. As far as Cloudflare is concerned, your add-on domains are completely separate.

When you set up Cloudflare, it will scan your exampledns name server for those A records. Then Cloudflare becomes your DNS once you change those two DNS name servers.

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to set Cloudflare’s SSL/TLS to Full (Strict) since you already have SSL on your server.

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Thanks so much for clearing that up, very much appreciated.

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