Addon domain and different host and registrar with cloudflare

I have a domain registered indifferent registrar, I have point it to Cloudflare, I want to add it to my inmotion package as add-on domain. However, I noticed I have to use inmotion nameservers. how is that possible? To make it more clear, My domain is registered with 1and1 and is pointed to Cloudflare (DNS nameservers). I want inmotion host my website, and Cloudflare as CDN, so, how can I do it ?


I’m not sure what you mean by this?
Why is this the case?

Cloudflare has this general guide:

And 1and1 has this guide on the matter:

Is this what you are looking for?

Thanks for your reply. I know how to change nameservers in1and1.
let me clear my concern:

I have a package with inmotion host. They offer me 5 addon domain which means I can connect 5 more domains to my package. However, they have this warning :slight_smile:

Remember: While you can add an Addon Domain to cPanel at any time, in order for the domain to work with your hosting you will need to point your domain to our nameservers

My domain whci I want to add as addon to my inmotion host is registered with 1and1 and the nameservers are set to Cloudflare. BUT inmotion ask me to point nameservers to them to be able to use my regsitered 1and1 domain as a Addon domain in inmotion which means I have to replace Cloudflare nameservers in 1and1 control panel with inmotion nameservers. So, I can’t use Cloudflare for addon domain, is that true?

Dang, sorry, here I can’t help. It sounds like it’s not possible. I havn’t experienced something like that before.
I’ve always been able to use my own nameservers.

Ok. I found the solution. I write in case it’s someone’s question, too.
There are two options:

  1. Point the domain to inmotion name servers so it picks up all the DNS records to host everything here… Then when it’s working set “I back up at Cloudflare.” That way it should carry over the records.
  2. Manually change your DNS records are Cloudflare to point to inmotion for services. So point the A record to our IP. As well as the A record for FTP, mail, or any other DNS records that would need to be hosted here.
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Thank you for sharing your findings! :slight_smile:

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