Additoinal features when Cloudflare is domain registrar


I am completely new to Cloudflare and wanted to survey its features by transferring a domain to Cloudflare as domain registrar.

So far I have

  • succeeded in “adding a domain” to Cloudflare (the result being that the domain now uses Cloudflare’s name servers and have DNS records at Cloudflare) but
  • failed to transfer the domain registration to Cloudflare (because the payment stage rejected my credit card for some reason).

But I see that many of Cloudflare’s features, e.g. DDoS protection, are already available to the merely “added” domain.

So here’s the question: Which is true?

(a) The same features are available for an “added” a domain regardless of who may be its registrar.

(b) More features are available to an “added” and “transferred” domain than to a merely “added” domain.

This question assumes I will use the free package of features and not the $20 per month “Pro” package or higher. Thanks.

A, it is irrelevant if a domain is registered through Cloudflare or not.


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