Additional NS on top of what's assigned

So my currently assigned NS are;

but my client is asking me to use these NS;

because that is the reason why my domain can’t be verified. Any idea how to resolved it?
Do i need to delete both of the NS which is assigned to in my registrar?

I already added the new NS amy and gordon in my registrar and all of them are already there (4 of em)

Any help is appreciated

It sounds like your client has their own account with their own cf name servers. You have an account with your two assigned name servers. You’ll need to work through who holds the ultimate admin key to the domain by deciding what two (and only two) name servers you ask your domain registrar to set for that domain.

There can only be 2, if you go with your client’s name servers and you want to administer the account, you’ll need to have them add you as a user to their account. If you go with your two name servers, you may want to add the client to your account to assist in administration.

@cloonan, Thank you for your very clear explanation.

Follow up question.

  1. Incase i plan to use my account, how can i add the client to my account to assist in administration. Is it something like just adding their emails addresses?
    or adding entries on my DNS?

  2. If i plan to use their account, is my current setup going to mess up? Is it also as simple as i have to give my email address and ask them to add it on their admin list.

What is the actual work that we need to do incase we plan to use our own account?

Sorry just need to be more specific to avoid confusion and email exchanges :slight_smile:


Understood & I agree, it’s great to suss out the questions here before you present them the options.

The process is the same either way, if you want to add them to your account, go to your Home tab (you’ll see a list of domains), click the Members tab. First box is Invite members, enter their email address and click invite. They’ll need to accept the invitation. If you have 2FA active on your account, it’s advisable to disable it, invite the member, then re-enable.

If they want to add you, they’d take the same steps on their dash Home & Members tabs.

WRT to detail steps and what additional work needs to be done, that’s probably all in your DNS tab. If the zone is set up and confirmed and you want to move it to another account, you’ll need to bring your settings over to the new account. Edit: and if moving, you’ll need to contact the domain registrar to change the name servers.

Unfortunately, that is largely a manual process and gets more challenging the more customization you’ve done. Let me elaborate, if you just have 2 dns records (A and CNAME, for example) copying the information from one account to the other is pretty easy. If you have 50 or so records, lots of page rules, and some elaborate firewall settings, it can be challenging.

If that’s the route that is selected, there are people and posts here by people that have moved zones (domains) and can offer suggestions.

@cloonan, thank you for your help. I will discuss this matter and probably just come up with a solution.

Your comment is very much appreciated. Cheers :slightly_smiling_face::beers:


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