Additional nameservers added to domain registrar

We have a Cloudflare business account, and I see its not possible to have other than Cloudflare DNS servers added to domain registrar without getting errors from Cloudflare, does this apply to a business account too?

Correct, even Business accounts have to use CF name servers. Even on Enterprise, they need a consistent set of name servers.

Mismatched name servers cause DNS errors, which is why it’s not allowed.

Why are you trying to use two sets of name servers?

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Thank you sdayman, we have a digital marketing provider that requires their own DNS servers to be added. We mite need to add another domain and use that for the marketing side.

But thank you for the info.

Two other possible approaches are:

  1. Add their DNS records to your account here. Sometimes they have a straightforward setup that works this way.
  2. If they use a subdomain of your site, you can delegate to their name servers.

Okay thx yes I’ll try and use a sub domain and just use their DNS servers for it.

Thx again

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I forgot to mention that Delegation would be with NS records in your DNS page here.

Okay thx ill make note of that.

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