Additional MX Records

Hi All,

Im wondering if someone can assist me. We are currently experiencing some problems with emails not being received on our domain.

We are using Cloudflare DNS to point to our hosting. Email is getting bounced back cause there appears to be an additional MX record for the domain :

Answer Section:
    *****, MX, 1, _dc-mx.3d2fd4bf3091.*****
Additional Records Section:
    _dc-mx.3d2fd4bf3091.*****, A,

Any help would be appreciated. 

Your MX record points to a :orange: Proxied hostname. Cloudflare does not proxy email traffic, so they had to alias that hostname to an IP address.

The proper configuration is to have a mail server with the ‘mail’ hostname ( that’s set to :grey: DNS Only. Quite often it’s the same server as the website, but the rule still applies: must be :grey: hostname for email.

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You appear to have a security issue.

Thank you @sdayman. I removed the proxied option from the DNS entry and it appears to have resolved the issue.
need to wait for complete DNS propagation before testing

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