Addition to support page "Setting up DNSSEC in Cloudflare"

On Setting up DNSSEC in Cloudflare it lists common registrars.
I couldn’t find so I contacted my registrar directly.

They have now set up a page DNSSEC with External Name Servers
Could we update our Cloudflare page?

They ask for information in the following format. I have tried to map information from Cloudflare page as best I can :slight_smile: :

please collect the information required in the following format:

“extensions”: {
“secDns”: {
“dsData”: [{





“keyData”: {






This sounds like a job for Super @cwaters (I thought it was going to roll off the tongue better than that).

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Hey @steveellwood! Sorry for the delay on this one, had to get some editing permissions reinstated. I added the Ionos link to that Cloudflare support page, should be updated now!


thanks to @sdayman for the oing and "Super @cwaters " for the amendment.

In the end?
Moved to Cloudflare as my registrar, too.

So, that was even easier :smile:

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