Adding Upload-Metadata not working tus python

I have been trying to send the file name and another info via the Upload-Metadata header value. But somehow i cant see it in the uploaded video in Cloudflare dashboard.

Here is the Cloudflare documentation

Here is my code.

        headers, cloudflare_config = self.get_headers()
        headers["Tus-Resumable"] = "1.0.0"
        headers["Upload-Length"] = "900000000"
        headers["Content-Length"] = "0"
        headers["Upload-Metadata"] = "requiresignedurls"  #trying here first
        token_url = BASE_URL + 'accounts/' + cloudflare_config['ACCOUNT_ID'] + '/stream'
            data = {
                'maxDurationSeconds': 21600,
                'requireSignedURLs': True
            my_client = client.TusClient(token_url, headers=headers)
            my_client.set_headers({'Upload-Metadata': 'requiresignedurls'})  #trying here again
            my_client.metadata = {'requiresignedurls': True}  #trying here again

I have tried to send the metadata in three places in the above code. None of them are working.

Can anyone help me on this issue please?

I see that you’re using TUS. Check out this thread as it seems to apply to you:

Hi Renan!
As you can see above, I have tried that in line number 5. But it doesnt work at all. I am using GitHub - tus/tus-py-client: A Python client for the tus resumable upload protocol not the JS library. Am I missing something here?