Adding TXT

I am trying to add 3 more TXT records to my account (I have a free account) so I can send them out. How can I either add more TXT records for you or check which TXT record you can delete or replace ones that I do not use any more.
Thank you

Adding DNS records is covered at Adding DNS Records.

What records do you want to add and for what domain?

From my kajabi domain to add custom emailing.
Can I erase some of the old TXT and replace it with what Kajabi has provided me.
They told me to get on with customer service with Cloudflare.

You can erase any record you do not need any longer.

How do I know if I may need it or not?

Your host or your web developer needs to know that. On Cloudflare you only manage them.

I am asking them about that. They told me not to replace any TXTs to rather add new ones. I do not have that option. Is there any way of adding new TXTs to my plan? or wait to see whether the old ones are obsolete.

You can always add new records. But it really depends on what you want to add, hence I asked the question earlier which you did not address.

I need to add a Custom Email Domain Setup

You just need to follow the instructions given by your host and add/edit the records according to the mentioned tutorial.

But they say not to change the existing TXTs…

If you already have a TXT record for SPF you will need to merge this with the values given here. The same for the DKIM record, respectively that needs to get updated to reflect the actual value.

Unfortunately that is a bit beyond the scope of the forum here and you better clarify the actual values either with your host or on e.g. StackExchange.

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