Adding two CNAMEs that resolve to the same IP / Host

We are attempting to add two cname-records that both point to the same location, namely “mybiz(dot)zendesk(dot)com”, under our “mybusiness(dot)com” domain.

The one cname is working as expected, namely “support(dot)mybusiness(dot)com”, but the other, “help(dot)mybusiness(dot)com” is giving an error1000 when we attempt to point it to “mybiz(dot)zendesk(dot)com”.

We have also attempted to point the “help(dot)mybusiness(dot)com” cname to “support(dot)mybusiness(dot)com”, but we get another error 1034 “Edge IP restricted”.

We would like both “help(dot)mybusiness(dot)com” and “support(dot)mybusiness(dot)com” to resolve to the same Zendesk page.

How can we accomplish this?


For error 1034, you need to make sure that the DNS records are pointed to IP addresses you control, and in the case a placeholder IP address is needed for “originless” setups, use the IPv6 reserved address 100:: or the IPv4 reserved address . Make sure that you proxied :orange: the record after you switched to

As far as Cloudflare is concerned you just add both domains and configure the DNS records accordingly.

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