Adding the domain to the new project,

I need help because I don’t know what to do, I deleted my project and now I have difficulties adding the domain to the new project, I have this message in the DNS: (Because CNAME records are not allowed at the zone apex (RFC 1034), CNAME flattening will be applied to this record). Please someone tell me what to do. Thank you.

which project do you have to add a domain to?

What exactly is the issue?

That message is just an information and not an error. It simply informs you that you cannot set a CNAME record for your naked domain. Cloudflare still supports it in the UI, but - as the message says - it actually gets flattened to an A record. That’s all.

If this is about some DNS verification via a CNAME, then you simply won’t be able to pull this off on the naked domain but will have to use a proper hostname of your domain. Also, make sure it is set to :grey:.

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Thanks for your reply and help. Sandro, I had a website that was the domain owner, but I deleted it and started a new one. I wanted to use the same domain, but I don’t accept it; it tells me it is already used.

If you already have a record you cannot add a CNAME record with the same name. You’ll first have to remove the other record. Can you post a screenshot?

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