Adding subdomains to Cloudflare CDN

In order to set up Cloudflare, my hosting provider (Siteground) requires 2 new CNAME to DNS:

cloudflare-resolve-to CNAME

with the A remaining as it was A IP

But when it comes to subdomains, they don’t seem to have a straight answer.
If I follow the above format, then I should just have to add
www.yoursubdomain CNAME
while keeping A IP
and similarly for the next level
www.yoursubsubdomain.yoursubdomain CNAME
while keeping A IP

But they can’t seem to agree on this. Some think it works like the above, the others think (and their system automatically makes the changes as) following:
Remove A IP

yoursubdomain CNAME
www.yoursubdomain CNAME

Can anyone shed light on what the proper way to do this is?

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The question is full of confusion first of all ,

In recommend you to contact your web host and ask them what records to add

Go to DNS manager and add the records

Yes, that’s the point of the question. The responses of the webhost are confusing, which is why I asked here.

Then try re asking to explain them in detail

Sure if all you want to cover is www.yoursubdomain and not

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