Adding subdomains from a wordpress multisite

Hi, I am a consultant who has built and manages her own web site. I host with SiteGround who have given me a Cloudflare licence. So far so good.

I use a multisite on my domain and found this help guide when trying to set up both my subdomains on Cloudflare

I didn’t find it helpful, but set up CNAME records for each subdomain on my DNS Zone editor. I wanted to be sure I had done the right thing, I copied the name from the CNAME record siteground / cloudflare set up for my root domain:
cloudflare-resolve-to - the name set up by siteground / cloudflare (I added a space before .xxx so I could post this request)
cloudflare-resolve-to - the name I tried (I added a space before .yyy so I could post this request)

I then used the cloudflare diagnostic centre to see if it worked. I got this error message:
Non-Cloudflare nameservers found

When I hit ‘resolve’ I was told to go to siteground. So I hope someone can tell me two things:

  1. What is the correct CNAME name?
  2. Do I have to do anything in Cloudflare to tell it about my subdomains? It is working really well for my root domain.

Many thanks


Does it mean you manage all or most of the settings from the SiteGround interface?

If possible, I recommend the better approach which would be if you have the IP address of your host/origin and then create the A record for your sub-domains and point them to an IP address and make :orange: cloud for that records at the Cloudflare DNS dashboard.

Some usefull information can be found here:

Later on, you would need to see if you have an SSL certificate at your SiteGround which covers your main domain, your www domain and your sub-domains as well.
Or, in other case, Cloudflare dashboard allows you to generate Cloudflare CA originc certificate for the desired hostnames (domain, www, sub-domains).Then, that certificate upload/install at your host/origin (SiteGround).
If you have, you are good to go with “Full SSL” option under the SSL section at the Cloudflare dashboard.

Thank you so much for all these tips. As to your first suggestion, the contract between cloudflare and siteground means I cannot move my A records to cloudflare. There are other restrictions too.

I will work through the guides you sent (again thanks) and may be back with more questions!

cheers m

From the supplied guides I think I need to contact Cloudflare support to set up the CNAME. Thanks for your help.

The CNAME approach isn’t the most reliable way to configure your Cloudflare setup. Which is why I recommended the direct approach.

Would be nice to have A, but yes, as you stated you cannot move your A records to Cloudflare and obviously you’re on a partial partner setup where your DNS records are with a Cloudflare partner and you need to manage your DNS records at their website.

I think you need to manage these records at siteground.

In case search can help here:

Please, also find some usefull information regarding CNAME setup here:

From the SiteGround resources:

Thank you again, you are most helpful. I have read these documents, but they speak to someone with much greater understanding than me and one of the first docs you pointed me to said I need to ask support to set up a CNAME at their end.

Thank you also for the search in the community. I have now read 20 or so topics and not found the answer I am looking for which is simply:

  1. does Cloudflare have to do something so I can add multisite subdomains to my account - the help content suggests yes
  2. What words / characters etc do I enter when I am creating a CNAME record for my subdomains, I tried copying the record that was automatically created for my root domain, but that didn’t work.

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