Adding subdomain to a free account

I’m not deeply technical but I a few years ago I successfully added several websites to a free Cloudflare account. One of the domains on the account also has a subdomain containing a Wordpress blog. I would like to add this, but the procedure is different for subdomains. Even my hosting company is finding it difficult in helping me set this up. The DNS for this domain is handled by my hosting company. Are there any easy to follow guides for adding subdomains to Cloudflare? Thanks in advance.

You’d need to be using Cloudflare for your DNS if you wanted to add a subdomain unless you are on a Business or above plan.

If you are on a Business or above plan, you can do partial setup:

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OK, thanks @KianNH

Can I do that for only the domain with the subdomain? Or do I have transfer DNS for all my domains?

Is there a recommended guide for transferring to Cloudflare DNS?

You would follow the same steps you have in the past.

I’ve never done it before - none of my sites use Cloudflare for DNS.

Your initial post indicated that you had. No matter. Cloudflare provides relevant documentation.

I added my sites to Cloudflare but the DNS wasn’t transferred. Sorry for any confusion.

Thanks - I have looked at this. The name servers for the domain in question are currently those provided by the registrar of that domain. At the correct stage, I assume these would be replaced by the name server addresses of Cloudflare (how do I find these?)

There is a reference to disabling DNSSEC - but I can’t find this anywhere.

Currently, the zone file for my domain is hosted by my server hosting company, so the records need to be transferred to Cloudflare DNS.

There is a button for switching to authoritative DNS in Cloudflare but it doesn’t do anything.

That’s about as far as I have reached.

So, if you added your domain to Cloudflare but haven’t actually switched it over, then the domain should already exist in your Cloudflare account dashboard. Go to the DNS Settings for that domain. You will need to re-create the DNS entries that already exist, using that page. Do that first. Cloudflare only tries to automatically import them when you first add the domain so you just have to create the entries.

Disabling DNSSEC needs to be done at your current DNS provider. You must do this before transferring the nameservers.

Once all that is done, on the same DNS Settings page, you will find your assigned Cloudflare DNS servers. At your registrar, change the nameservers to the ones listed there.

Once that goes through, you are using Cloudflare for DNS and you can add any new entries you want and use Cloudflare features for them.

Thanks - I have had this domain on my Cloudflare account for several years, but the DNS hasn’t been switched to Cloudflare. The DNS Zone file is hosted by my server hosting company. My DNS settings page for the domain in question looks like this:

I presume I need to convert to authoritative DNS, but the blue button doesn’t do anything.

Ohhhh, it’s some kind of unholy integration with a partner service. Hopefully someone who knows more about that can help; all I know about it is that every time it comes up here, it’s in the context of headaches. That’s why it doesn’t look like what I described.

I’m really hoping so as at the moment I’m stuck.

I’m going to try a fresh thread, focusing on the Convert to Authoritative DNS blue button no working.

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