Adding subdomain into cloudflare...."Registrar Dash Ticket - Name Servers to add a email account for subdomain"

So…Im using cloudways and am trying to set up Elastic Email through Sendlane. I have tried inputing all the proper dns info but it will not except tracking. I was told I need to add a new DNS panel for my subdomain but Im not sure how to go about this.

Subdomains are part of the domain itself. The domain itself has to already be on Cloudflare to be able to add DNS records for the subdomain.

It is already on Cloudflare but cloudways said i need to set up other DNS records

Then you’re all set. Just add the necessary DNS records on the same page as your domain DNS records.

That woudl make sense but when i go to set it up dnssec and tracking dosnt work

Leave DNSSEC off for now. And any new records should be set to :grey: DNS Only to make it easier to troubleshoot.

What’s the domain?

sorry ment to say dmarc…

sub is

Ok…DMARC. Still…this:

Including anything that says

I did that…

Are you sure? Because the SOA doesn’t think so:

I did it and re entered it with dns only still didnt work

It’s fully propagated. Cloudflare is doing exactly as you’ve asked. If something doesn’t work, I suggest you ask Sendlane for assistance.

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