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I am wanting to create a subdomain to use with convertkit. I am using WordPress for my website. I have my nameservers pointed to cloudflare. In creating this subdomain, do I create one first in WordPress then bring that over to cloudflare then set it up with convertkit? or do I create one on cloudflare then integrate that with convertkit?re**

It’s just DNS, like anyplace else. What does Convertkit say?

It is saying add your subdomain:

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But that is were I am confused, where am I creating this subdomain? on wordpress or on cloudflare? my nameservers are already pointing from wordpress to cloudflare.

Step 1 says to add it within ConvertKit.

The top of the page says something about DNS, but you cut off the stuff above it.

Some instructions should tell you what “A” record or “CNAME” to add here at Cloudflare DNS.

Ok, it says “More on this later”. So after you do Let’s Get Started #1 (Add your custom domain), they should eventually give you specific DNS instructions.

but where am I creating this subdomain?

I believe we’ve just gone around in a complete circle. If their instructions aren’t clear, you’ll have to ask them. Come on back when they tell you more about DNS.

thank you for your time

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