Adding subdomain as a separate site in cloudflare

Hey guys,
I’ve been trying to find this for quite some time and decided to ask the community - hopefully you can help.

Imagine you’ve imported to cloudflare and start adding your different sub domains:

What I want is to import/add as it’s own domain to have a collection of sub-sub domains segregated from the primary one:

I don’t want to mix my sub-sub domains with our normal sub domains. Is this in any way possible? Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong direction.

A few questions.

  • Is “staging” actually a sub-domain (with its own nameservers) or just a label of your domain?
  • Are you planning on using HTTPS on these “staging” hosts?

Hello @sandro,
At this point in time it’s just a label.
HTTPS is a requirement in our end, so yes that will be the case. :slight_smile:

In that case it won’t really be a sub-domain but rather just a label. Just call it www.staging and you are good to go, however you will need a $10/month dedicated certificate from Cloudflare to proxy that over Cloudflare - assuming you want to proxy - on top of the regular certificate that you need on your server.

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