Adding SSL to a subdomain?

I have full cloudshare on my domain I want to add that protection to
I’ve read the “understanding subdomain support” over and over, but I need step-by-step assistance.

Is this even possible with free full cloudshare?

Please advise.

SSL protection for the domain and any subdomains needs to be added at the source (your web host).

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Thank you, can you explain a little more?
I had asked my host (Site 5) about this. They answered: “we do not add the CloudFlare from our end. You will need to contact them directly for your query.” I’m wondering if I phrased my question to Site 5 incorrectly.
Since I now have the Cloudflare certificate added to my parent domain, should just be asking Site 5 to . . . “extend” that existing certificate to my subdomain?
Is there anything else I need to do from Cloudflare dashboard to implement either before or after I get some help from Site 5?

It sounds like you consider SSL to be essential. If this is correct, it should be part of your hosting plan. If your host can not provide such an essential feature, I suggest you move to a host that can provide the features you need.

:joy: Actually, no, SSL probably not essential as my sites do zero commerce and don’t collect data beyond a mailing list. I want the SSL because I don’t like the “insecure” notices that my visitors get without it. That’s what makes free Cloudflare so attractive. As a non-profit, that FREE part makes the impossible possible in many ways. I’m continuing to work with my host on the subdomain issue. They’ve been responsive and helpful on many other issues. We’ll see.

Thanks for your recommendation, which I agree with.

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That’s becoming a major shortcoming for hosts that don’t provide free SSL. I’d consider that to be essential at this point.

You’re right. I agree.

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So my host (Site5) sells SSL, but not included. I set up cloudflare and that seemed to work. Trying to add cloudflare to subdomain and I got totally lost and temporarily lost my subdomain site. After much frustration I found this:

Don’t know why it didn’t come up on my very first search.
So now I know how, but while trying to get it to work I managed to lose my main domain site. Subdomain working fine . . . I think, but primary says it’s under construction (it’s not). I think the problem is with Site5 so trying to get response from them.
Bottom line: the video is detailed and answered all my original questions, Site5 support has deteriorated substantially over the time I’ve been with them, sigh.

So I solved this problem, as recommended by sdayman (thank you) by changing to a host that offers free SSL. Quite a headache, but it was time.

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Glad to hear. I’ve migrated through various hosts as I’ve learned more and know which features I really want.

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