Adding SSL Certs To Customers Domains

I’ve an application with a website builder that allows our customers to build their own pages and accept payments through a stripe form. Currently we have a wildcard SSL cert that covers all subdomains of our domain so if a user choses “” then they can accept payments because our SSL covers their page at “”.

However, we also allow users to import their own domains, e.g. “” which then points to their built page on our application. This is fine when they have an SSL cert on their own custom domain. However if they don’t have an SSL cert on their custom domain we can’t accept payments through stripe on their page (stripe requires an SSL cert). Is is possible with Cloudflare to intigrate this into our application? If possible we would like it to be as seamless as possible for our customer so they don’t have to sign up to any other platform or they don’t have to add any CSR via their own domain registar.

Is this something that I can do on Cloudflare?

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