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Good day, I need to add SSL certificate but my host gave me this response so I need assistance: “Please kindly note the domain nameservers are pointing to Cloudflare hence you’re unable to add the SSL certificate on our end, that must be done on Cloudflare.”

My host is

That is incorrect information I am afraid. Your host still needs to configure a certificate on their servers regardless of whether you use Cloudflare or not.

You could check out Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs

Oh ok, thank you for your response. I’ll forward them this text and hopefully they will give me a positive response.

This is the response that I got:

“SSl certificate is installed on the domain, the IP address where your website and emails are pointing to is which belongs to Cloudflare thus we are unable to update any dns records nor your certificate.”

honestly, I don’t know what any of this is. someone developed the website for me 2yrs ago. I can’t get a hold of him so Im tryng to fix the website now. Im consulting with google mostly for direction. I just need to secure my site

That address is the proxy address from Cloudflare and Cloudflare will provision a certificate, but - as mentioned - your host still needs to provision a certificate on their own servers.

You may want to pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen) and talk to your host to make sure your site loads fine on HTTPS. Once it does you can unpause.

Ok, I don’t think I have that access. I just only signed up for a Cloudflare today so when I go to the dashboard, it tells me it can’t find any information. So I am guessing its because all info is on the account of the person who developed my website.

How can I retrieve that information so I can pause Cloudflare and talk to my host to make sure my site loads fine on HTTPS?

Are you saying your domain is not in your Cloudflare account? In that case you’d first need to add it to your account, but you best first point the domain back to your host. This will drop it from Cloudflare. At that point you make sure it works fine on HTTPS and then you can still add it to Cloudflare, should you wish so.

ok, how do I point my domain back to my host? I am really not good at this technical stuff but I am willing to learn

You need to change your domain’s nameservers, however this is slightly off-topic for the forum here and you best discuss this with your host. You need to get your site up and running first and only then should consider Cloudflare.

Ok. thank you so much for the info. I’ll get back to them to find out how to change my domain’s nameserver.

BTW, my site is up and running as http so I want it to be https hence Im going through this whole process. It couldn’t allow me to add a certificate on Wordpress. Im learning to manage my website on my own because my last web developer disappeared

Sure, HTTPS is generally a good thing as it secures the line between your users and your server. But that’s something your host has to take care of and can’t outsource to third parties, I am afraid.

At this point it’s really best to discuss with your host how you point your domain back to them. Once your site works, you can still use Cloudflare, but that will be a different issue of course.

many thanks

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