Adding SRS?

Hi there,

My registrar (namesilo) is acting as a email forwarder for me. I’ve set their MX up on my DNS (cloudflare) but I’m getting bouncebacks when sending email.

I discovered I need to add an “SRS” record to my DNS settings but I can’t find an option to do it.

Is there a way I can do this on Cloudflare? I thought I could do it via SPF but it won’t let me.

Any help would be appreciated.

SRS is not a DNS record type. Can you post a link to their instructions?

Appreciate the response @sdayman

These are the instructions from their site:

Will your email forwarding work with SPF records?

It is true that SPF, as used today, breaks email forwarding. We recognize SPF’s benefits and have therefore implemented an email forwarding system that uses SRS as a means to both promote the usage of SPF and to allow email forwarding in a world where SPF becomes more heavily relied on. The SRS source hostname utilized is “”; therefore, you may see this hostname referenced in message headers, bounce messages, etc. - this is normal. Technically speaking, this means we are rewriting the envelope sender on all messages received for forwarding purposes.

Their support told me I needed to add the “” to SRS on Cloudflare - After I asked if I should add it as SPF, they said “Yes” but when I couldn’t add it they said “Try adding it as SRS on Cloudflare”

It sounds like they want you to add an SPF record that contains that srs hostname.

Here’s a tool that will help you build your SPF record: