Adding SPF and DMARC to emails

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It appears that there is an issue with emails from my domain not reaching certain domains like Hotmail. I have already discussed this matter with my website hosting provider. They informed me that the nameservers are with Cloudflare, and they advised me to contact support to check the DKIM, which seems to be correct. Additionally, I need to set up valid SPF and DMARC for all emails on the affected domain.

However, I’m hesitant to do this myself because I fear I might make things worse. I am unable to contact support is this a paid service?
If setting up these features is a paid service, could you please let me know? Alternatively, if it’s something I can do on my own, I would appreciate guidance on how to proceed.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Cloudflare is unable to make changes for you regardless of the plan you are on. You can always hire an email consultant to assist you if you are not comfortable implementing this on your own.

You will need to identify the sources that are authorized to send email on behalf of your domain and create your SPF record.

Here are some links that may help.

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