Adding site to cloudflare


I have multiple websites on Cloudflare, added seamlessly with no errors at all.
I am managing the website of a friend of mine and he requested the removal of the original NS servers from his provider who replaced them by the ones provided by Cloudflare.

I did the necessary verification and i can see after a dig +trace @ and dig +trace @ that the correct NS Servers were added and that the original NS server (IP dosent have the domain anymore.

Still, the domain is pending on clouldflare, even though i’ts proxied via Cloudflare.

Anyone with a similar issue ?

Have a nice day.

Looks like it just needed more time. I checked the domain, and it is active in the account now. For future reference the proxy setting doesn’t make the domain active on the account, its the propagation of the nameservers.

Please see our developer documents for more information - Add a Site to Cloudflare

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Thank you,
It is a different provider i’am not used to and yes, it needed more time for DNS propagation, it works now.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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