Adding site to Cloudflare -change of the nameservers not possible (for Kajabi website) please help!


To start with -I am a total beginer with everything connected with IT so please be gentle :see_no_evil: :wink:

I have a domain with . It is only a domain without a hosting.
I want to activate my website (subdomain) though Kajabi. They reccomend to activate an account on Cloudflare and connect it via here.
So I did it, changed the nameservers and it worked. My website was active, running, all good.

The problem is that now I added mailbox option at my registrar to have an email address with my website name there (it is just an option still without hosting) and after adding this the option of nameservers has disappeared (asking support - this option is not possible when I have mailaccount).

They told me : “ask Kajabi and Cloudflare which individual DNS records you need for connecting your domain for the website, since it’s not possible to change the nameservers”
And then when I have them they can change it for me.

Should I write to support? Can I find the DNS records somewhere? As I cannot finish the setup again without change of the nameservers (it wouldn;t allow me to the next step).

If something is not clear please ask :slight_smile:

ah now I see that I could but only with paid plan (not free anymore) . Is that correct? :confused:

For connecting Cloudflare to Kajabi please follow this Tutorial/Thread: Cloudflare & Kajabi - How to Connect Your Custom Domain

Registrar like “Domain registrar”?
As soon as you switched your NameServer to Cloudflare you now have to manage your Domain at Cloudflares Dashboard. So if you want to create MX Entries, just do it in Cloudflare`s DNS section

yes, the domain handler.
I conneted cloudflare to Kajabi previously everything worked but with the change of the nameservers.
But after adding a mailbox option at my domain registrar the nameservers returned to previous ones -and now they are unchangable. This is why I believe my website account was deleted from Cloudlfare and I cannot add it agin because I cannot change the nameservers.

If you domain registrar does not let you change the NameServers you should contact their support. Adding a Mailbox is no reason, to not let the user change the NameServer as they want.

When i understand the Website from your Registrar correctly the Mail Option is a fully managed Option that will automatically reverse every Change to your Domain to the Standard Entries so that the Registrar is capable of adding all for Email required DNS Records so that the Email is working.

In this Case it is because the Domain Registrar could not control the DNS Entries for MX, DKIM , … otherwise. They could tell you what records you need to add, but like i already wrote they sell this package as a fully managed package where they can update the Records when something on their Email Server Side should change without the Customer need to update the Entries himself.

Thats the Reason they write on their Website that you cant use the Email Package with Webhosting as well.

I would probably look into other Email Hosting Providers and use them seperatly from your Domain Registar. In this way you are able to use the Domain completly normally without your Registar to force the Fully Managed aspect onto you

Thank you M4rt1n , I wrote their suppoert and their turned in on again for change :slight_smile: Thanks again!

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