Adding site following wildcard

When adding a new site, after typing the domain name, Cloudflare scans for DNS records to automatically add.
It follows a wildcard, which makes 200 not existing records, even though there are only 7 and i already removed the wildcard a few days ago.
Now i have to remove each DNS record, as there is no option to select multiple and i have to mouseclick every popup.
Is there a way to let Cloudflare renew the DNS cache so it ignores the wildcard?

Bump… I am unable to set up anything and cannot reach support. Anyone knows what to do?

This is a pretty common occurrence when you have a wildcard DNS entry. Cloudflare discovers subdomains by scanning for a bunch of records, and if there’s a wildcard record on the domain, it’ll see these as present. For more info: Cloudflare adds 200 random records when adding a domain - #9 by CascadingStyle

As for bulk-removing them, the best way is via the API. There are some community created tools to make this process easier though, such as GitHub - Cyb3r-Jak3/cloudflare-utils: Helpful Cloudflare utility program.

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