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Hello, I have no clue how to add a code on redirect domain that will run before visitor is redirected. Do I need to use DNS? Rules? Zaraz? This code is cookie to track visitor right after he enters the link and before he is redirected. Usually this code is placed in header but my link is just redirecting. Hope I explain well. Thanks for helping love this community.

You’d want to add the appropriate code to a worker.

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I have set redirect settings in “Page Rules” and I use Free Plan. I am not a developer and explaining step by step would be very helpful❤️ If it’s too hard to explain by replying dont bother please.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
 AffTracker.setWebsiteUrl( "" );
 AffTracker.generalClick( "111" );

This is the code I want to run when visitor enters and before the redirection happends.

I’m pretty sure that you already had this conversation and it went the same way.

You may benefit from hiring a developer.

If it was helpful I would not ask again

I just need to hear the tool I need to use

The same tool was identified in the previous topic as this one: custom software written by you, your staff, or a contractor, and then deployed to a Cloudflare Worker. The Community cannot write it for you.


Can I do it with free plan? And how can I explain better to hired person? Is there any name of what I meed?

Here’s a link to the relevant pricing.

As far as explaining it, you and the developer will need to figure that out together.

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