Adding Random Parameter to URL Forwarding in Page Rules

I’m trying to setup URL Forwarding in the Page Rules section and want to add a random parameter.

For example, I want to forward all traffic to this URL:

I looks like regex can’t be used to generate a random string. So, I started looking to see if there was a way to use information from the header, such as CF-RAY which appears to be automatically generated and different for each visitor. But it doesn’t look like header information can be used in Page Rules.

I understand that advanced regex isn’t support, but it seems like something this simple should be possible. If a random string was already in the URL being visited, obviously I could grab that with Page Rules, but that isn’t the case. And I couldn’t find any option to add a random string to the original URL so that it could be used.

Any ideas on how to do this or is it just impossible?

With page rules it’s impossible. You can do so with Workers though.

Thanks for confirming this isn’t possible!

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