Adding PayPal payment method

Hi, I’m in Canada and trying to add my PayPal account as a payment method for my Cloudflare account. When I went to Billing > Payment info > PayPal then it only showed me my bank account and my credit card linked to my PayPal account as ways to pay. The thing is Cloudflare charges in USD and I have USD balance in my PayPal account. Is there a way for me to pay Cloudflare via my USD balance in my PayPal account? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


I don’t think Cloudflare will pull from a PayPal balance. Other posts mention that it needs that Credit card or bank account to work. Presumably so there aren’t any funding issues.


So, I guess whatever options I saw via PayPal are the only options available?

Hi there,

Our billing specialist team has replied your inquiry on opened ticket. @sdayman response is correct!