Adding parking nameservers

I have added a new site to cloudflare which needs to point to sedo parking NS.


Is it as easy as just adding 2 x ns records in DNS or should cname or a records be added?

If you want to use Sedo’s parking service, you should use their nameservers and remove CF entirely for that domain. You can set the nameservers to sedo’s at your domain registrar.

In general, CF and another provider that requires you use their nameservers won’t work together.

What if I am registered at Cloudflare?

ie. My registrar is cloudflare. Is the setup I asked correct? 24hours have past and its not working.

If you’ve transferred the registration to Cloudflare, you currently can’t change the nameservers away. Maybe Sedo offers a came/A record setup.

Just one of many headaches this cloudflare thing is causing me.

Found a solution to that works using A record

Sedo have no solution and the ticket raised to Cloudfare…no response!

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