Adding only a subdomain

Sorry for the convoluted domain names, but the system thinks I’m posting multiple links.

I control the DNS for several subdomains of aaa(dot)com but I do not have access to the aaa(dot)com DNS. That server delegates my subdomains to my DNS.

My subdomain (call it sub(dot)aaa(dot)com for now) has its own subdomains ( and several TXT records.

I understand from the documentation that I need to set up a CNAME for sub(dot)aaa(dot)com to point to Cloudflare. Presumably I would have to remove the A record I currently have that points to my server. Is it possible to have a DNS zone file with no A record, but with a CNAME?

Would this work?

If not, how else could I configure this?

Many thanks,

You can’t delegate a subdomain into Cloudflare. The entire domain needs to use Cloudflare DNS. I suppose if you had an Enterprise plan, there’s a chance you could delegate a subdomain in.

If you want to CNAME an outside domain into your own domain, you would need a Business or Enterprise plan.

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