Adding NS Records (DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004)


I previously had my old hosting providers NS records listed for my domain and I am trying to create new NS records for the supplied cloudflare DNS servers.

When I try to add a NS record for root (@) with the supplied nameserver ‘’ I get the error DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004).

What am I doing wrong here?

Hi @email669,

The nameservers should be set to Cloudflare’s at your domain registrar. You shouldn’t create NS records in Cloudflare pointing to your Cloudflare nameservers. What you should do is to add A / CNAME records pointing to the server where you host your site.

Hi @Domjh,

Thank you for responding. I thought I had deleted this question.

Anyway… It looks like cloudflare automatically adds the NS records into the DNS list, so there is no need to add the NS records again (you just can’t see them?)

When I dig my website, it responds with the correct NS servers.

Thanks you!!

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