Adding NS Records Clarification Requested

As a part of transitioning to Cloudflare, I’ve been told that the 3 NS nameserver records in our current DNS configuration must be transferred to CF (along with all the A records etc.) I have successfully created a NS record but am wondering - on the DNS tab below the table of records is the following text:
“Custom nameservers allow you to create your own, unique nameservers in place of your assigned Cloudflare nameservers. To switch to using custom nameservers, first create them here, then add them as glue records at your registrar.”.
and to its right is a button for upgrading to the business plan.

I’m guessing that what is meant is that if we want to replace the CF nameservers that have been assigned to us with some other nameservers then we must have a Business Plan account but that with our Pro plan I can go ahead and create NS records.

Not being a DNS person, I’m also curious to know why a DNS server has nameserver records that point somewhere else? Why would one nameserver point to another nameserver?

Thanks for any help.

I don’t have NS added to my DNS settings here. My Cloudflare NS records only show up at the bottom of the DNS page, and they’re only there to tell me what to set them to at my registrar.

Who/What told you to transfer the NS records over?

I was told by the person who is currently managing our DNS that these NS records had to be transferred along with the rest of the records.

As I said, I didn’t add NS records to my DNS settings here. They’re automatically included (I checked). By doing a Dig command for NS, it returns both of my Cloudflare name servers.

You generally only need two name servers, and they’re both added by Cloudflare. There’s a blurb at the end of this article about adding more if you need to delegate…

Quoting from the article you reference "If you want to use additional name servers to delegate specific records outside of Cloudflare, you can add NS records to your Cloudflare dashboard to allow for those name servers to provide the responses to the queries. " I wish there was more of an explanation as to the circumstances of delegating specific records as I am most definitely unclear on the concept.

Curiously it looks like the NS records I’m being told to add to Cloudflare are our current nameservers. Is there some reason I would be told to do this?

You’d only delegate if you’re using subdomains controlled by some other entity…as far as I know. I don’t have this type of setup.

The only example I can think of is a mail server. You might very well have email hosted at GoDaddy for and that IP address may change from time to time. GoDaddy will automatically update your DNS records, so you’d need to delegate that subdomain to them to stay up to date.

Delegating comes up so rarely here, I didn’t even know it existed until recently.

There are two options.

The NS you have been assigned by Cloudflare, for example and will be replaced by and (just examples). You need at least a business plan to do this.
You are maybe required to run the two name servers in different networks. Denpending on the registry.

Add NS Records to your dashboard as explained here:

If you are using your provider’s name servers additional A record in this post isn’t needed.

DNS requests for your subdomains will be forwarded to your own DNS servers and you can control them there.

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