Adding new website and empty DNS page

After adding new website earlier Cloudflare scanned it and gave DNS records and now DNS is blank, how to scan the website now?

You cant rescan it. You could only remove it and re-add it, however you’d first need to point your domain to the previous nameservers again. Alternatively you can add the DNS records manually or import them if you have an export file.

I did so, I changed DNS to OVH and then tried to add the website, but Cloudflare did not scan it.

Whats the domain? Did Cloudflare prompt you to change the nameservers?

This is the domain:
Yes Cloudflare prompt me to change nameservers but there were blank DNS.

Then you either didnt wait long enough for the propagation or you didnt set them properly.

If you can add the records manually, do so.

Ok, I try to add them manually.

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