Adding new 'subscribed origin' after 6 of them


I have some 3 domains configured with Load Balancer, each with 2 origins.

I would like to add a new Origin, to set up the ‘default’ origin, in case of ultimate failure.

When trying to add a new origin, I get this :

You are currently using all of your subscribed origins. Please upgrade your subscription or contact your Cloudflare Account Manager to acquire more origins.

I couldn’t find the limits of subscribed origin, depending on the subscriptions (I am pro, so next is enterprise). Is it somewhere available?

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Hi @web41,

It looks like this is your limit, from the support article. I think the Load Balancing subscription is separate from your plan level, but someone may correct me.

The $5 subscription allows you to configure 2 origins per Cloudflare account, 5 origins per pool, 60-second health checks, and checks from one (1) region: ideal for straightforward load balancing or failover. Different pools containing the same origin IP address count as distinct origins for an account.

Billing for Cloudflare Load Balancing – Cloudflare Help Center

It should also show you at the top of your Load Balancing page what you have left:

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The Billing for Cloudflare Load Balancing was the page I missed.
Anything above 5 is ‘contact sales team’,

Although, I have 6 (kinda weird), and I only need one more.

Thanks, that was helpful!

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Yeah, that will be for Enterprise, which seems a bit overkill for one extra origin, but seems it’s the only way :sweat_smile:

That is odd. Does it say 6 at the top of your Load Balancing section?

You have used 6 of 6 Origins included in your plan.

So, it seems to be a special plan already.

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That is interesting! Perhaps it is a legacy plan from some time ago? I’m not sure if this has changed. Perhaps another @MVP has used Load Balancing more.

yeah sounds like legacy as Load Balancer by default allows for 20 origins

IIRC, original Cloudflare Traffic Manager beta before it become CF Load Balancer had a 6 or so origin limit

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