Adding new subdomain, data served by my server and not cloudflare

Hi everyone!

I recently bought and I activated Cloudflare via cPanel to serve via HTTPS. and work great (both, http and https).

Here comes the issue now: I would like to create, how do I achieve that?

As per the instructions here, I have done the following changes In cPanel:

  • Created the subdomain.
  • DNS on cPanel looks like:



In Cloudflare > SSL/TLS > Edge Certificates, I have the following: (1 host) Universal (type) 1 (certificate) (1 host) Universal (type) 1 (certificate)

I really don’t know how relevant is this particular info, for some reason I believe that should also appear there. I could be wrong though ^^

The error I am getting is that the certificate is self-signed, what leads me to believe that the data is not coming from Cloudflare but my server, right?

Is there something wrong in my configuration above? How could I know (in my Cloudflare account) if everything is correct?

Thanks for any pointers :slight_smile:


I don’t know whether this helps. But when I added a subdomain: I first created a virtual server on my server to host it; then I added the subdomain as an A record and AAAA record on Cloudflare’s dns setup (in your case that would be “blog … points to …your origin IP”) and that was it. EXCEPT I had to install an ssl certificate on my own server to include the subdomain. I did this with Letsencrypt. I’m guessing but I think you can order a certificate for your new blog sub domain through Cloudflare and import it into your origin server.

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