Adding new site via cPanel to existing account using 2FA

How do I add a new site to an existing Cloudflare account through the cPanel Cloudflare module when the account is using 2FA? I realize the site could be added directly via but then the site won’t be added to the Cloudflare partner domains. Do I have to disable 2FA, add the site and then re-enable 2FA?

You shouldn’t need 2FA, as it’s using the API Key.

2FA is already enabled for the account. If I try to add the site through cPanel, it fails with the message “Cannot link the Cloudflare account that has two factor authentication enabled”

I can disable 2FA, add the site and then re-enable 2FA. That’s easy enough. I’m just worried that doing that might have some negative effect, i.e. api keys, on sites already in the account?

Is this your own cPanel installation using the Host API?

Yes, I’m also a Cloudflare partner. I’m wondering if that’s the issue per this:
" The partner portal currently does not allow you to add domains to your account."

That would certainly explain this behavior. Where are you seeing this?

in cPanel for the site I’m trying to add. I’ll be adding a site when onboarding a new client who has a similar setup. So I wanted to give this a go using one of my own sites first. Maybe this won’t be an issue when adding it for the client but seems like 2FA already enabled on an existing CF account would still present the same issue?

Try opening a Support Ticket for this. I’ve never used the Partners setup, but maybe they know how 2FA fits in with this situation.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help.

Thanks, already submitted, waiting for a reply.

Can you post the ticket #? The mods periodically check in on open tickets.


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“Hi there,
Thank you for contacting Cloudflare Support. We’re sorry to hear you are having trouble logging into your account.
I am happy to help you regain access by removing the two-factor authentication requirement.”

so much for support, they can’t even read what I wrote and think I’m locked out of my account" smh

The bot isn’t always the best reader. That’s why you reply to clarify and then a human will read the message.

I’m experiencing this too; did you have any joy with support #1910060?

Did you try disabling 2FA, connecting the CPanel plugin and then re-enabling 2FA?



This is the response I got from Cloudflare support:

“Please note that Partner and User account are in different databases and yes, you can use the same email address for both and they are not linked. We are working on it to fix that in our new Partner portal when it becomes available.
Please note Partner account doesn’t work as a standard CF user account. Partner account is used for getting an access to Partners portal ( and Host API”

You tell me if this makes any sense in relation to my question with 2fa and cPanel? Does NOT to me.

I had to remove 2fa, add the site through cPanel and then re-enable 2fa.
So as far as I can tell, you cannot add an existing 2fa account through cPanel.

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