Adding New Site, Godaddy domain & Hostgator VPS

I have an existing site that I’ve built, and now i want to add Cloudflare to it to make it faster and more secure.

Now this is my issue, the domain is registered with Godaddy, and the server provider is Hostgator VPS (dedicated server).

  1. Now when i click on add site button in Cloudflare, it reviews the DNS records on my site, and it shows me a list which you can see in the image attached (Cloudflare 1). I’ve seen few videos online and read few articles and they all say different stuff, my first question here is, do i have to delete all or any of these records before going to the next step?

  2. Once moved on to the next step, Cloudflare asks me delete the name server i have in my domain provider Godaddy, specifically name servers: “” & “” (image Cloudflare 2). And when i go to my domain provider DNS page, i don’t see the name records they are referring to. I see different name servers: “” & “” (image Cloudflare 3).

So im confused on what shall i delete and what should i add.

My final concern is, if I delete the server name of my server provider (VPS Hostgator), wouldn’t i lose the service they are providing as it’s the only link that links the domain to the server?

Thanks and looking forward to hearing back from you.

Without knowing the actual domain name, we can not advise on the name server situation, but the two nameservers listed should go into your WHOIS info at GoDaddy.

As far as DNS records, the auto-scan is a good start. But I advise against CNAME records, partly out of personal preference.

Your mail records look inconsistent. It looks like you’re using Zoho, but also have records for email at your host. You need to figure out which ones are correct because you have a ‘mail’ record that points to your host. You also have a TXT record for SPF that points to your host, and one that points to Zoho. You can’t have both.

NS records in DNS are not necessary. You can get rid of those. Then “Change” from using the Default name servers.

The NS setup is inconsistent with what I see on your GoDaddy panel.

Hopefully a “Change” on the Name Servers will point your domain’s WHOIS records to the correct Cloudflare name servers.

Yes. That should get your site activated at Cloudflare.

Mail can be finicky, so I suggest you ask Zoho, just to be safe. Your ‘mail’ record is most likely incorrect, and they’ll probably tell you to delete the non-Zoho SPF record.

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correction: delete name servers: &

this will not effect the connection between godaddy and hostgator? right?

At that point, GoDaddy will only be your domain registrar that tells people to use Cloudflare for your domain. If your DNS records are accurate, you will still have the website conection to Hostgator.

I have done the steps above. But how do i know the website has be added? This is how my domain DNS looks now

It would show up as Active on the Overview page of the Cloudflare dashboard.

As I’m checking, GoDaddy’s WHOIS still isn’t showing Cloudflare’s name servers. I suggest you contact them and find out why.

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