Adding new domains - You have exceeded the limit for adding zones. Please activate some zones

I added 50 free domains yesterday to our account and couldn’t add more.

I see there was a limit of inactive accounts.

Since then, we have had about 20 of them become active and are up and running.

Yet we still get the error “You have exceeded the limit for adding zones. Please activate some zones.”

Do we have to wait for all 50 to become active before more can be added, or does it take a while to check the active ones? Ideally I want to add about 20 more.

This is all being done manually through the dashboard

May I ask if you’re doing this via the Cloudflare dashboard, or via the Cloudflare API? :thinking:

Nevertheless, if all are in pending state checking for nameserver, then make sure to correctly set the domain nameservers to point to the assigned ones from your CF account under the domain registrar interface.

Once they’d propagate and can be seen on the WHOIS, you’d get an e-mail notification about the zone being active.

Helpful answers here:

My question is this:

We have 50 domains added to our account manually through the portal.

20 of them are active.

Why do we get this error and why can we not add any more?

Do we have to wait for the remaining 30 to also become active?

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