Adding new domain, cloudflare wants me to use different nameservers?!

First time i’ve ever seen this happen. Our name servers have been the same forever, then on this ONE domain, when we add it, suddenly it wants completely different nameservers to be set. I’ve added other new domains and they get the standard nameservers we know are ours. What would cause ONE domain in particular to require that we set nameservers that simply are not associated with our account?

Nameservers can change, they are not associated with your account but with each domain. Typically they stay the same, but not necessarily. Just set whatever Cloudflare assigned.

ahh thats not good, wish we knew that before, gotta reengineer our integrations now ugh

IMO thats pretty bad … we like to preregister the nameservers with registration of a domain… now we have to try to add the domain to cloudflare before we can set the nameservers ack!

making matters worse, doesn’t seem like the dash ui supports any way of searching or grouping domains by nameservers so we have a clear picture…

That generally does not work. You can only set the nameservers after the domain was added to Cloudflare and got nameservers assigned.

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