Adding namservers

I cannot find any info on how to change or add nameservers for domains with cloudflare as registrar. I knew how to do it with godaddy, can’t figure it out here. I’ve also searched and not finding an answer, sorry.

Cloudflare Registrar Terms of Service 6.1 prohibit changing name servers.

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Interesting, but, how did it point to my website before? I removed the nameservers for my www the other day, but need them back afterall.

This is from the webhost
Contact your current domain registrar and replace the name servers for your domain with:

Hello? This wasn’t solved and isn’t the same as “transfer out”, I just want my domain pointed to my website again.

Hey! The easiest way to achieve this is to use Cloudflare’s DNS to point your domain to your website. You cannot change the nameservers without transferring the domain to a different registrar.

If I’m reading your posts correctly, I think you might be talking about DNS - not nameservers. In that case, have a look here:

I’m so confused, my webhost says this

May I ask what the nameservers it’s asking you to set are and who you are hosting with?

Homestead .com is the host

Contact your current domain registrar and replace the name servers for your domain with:


Alright I’ve had a bit of a look into Homestead and at least as far as I can tell the only way to host with them is to change your Nameservers, as you’re saying. Unfortunately this can’t be done with Cloudflare Registrar, so the only option is to transfer your domain to another registrar. See here:

Ok too weird, up until last week everything was fine. Hosted there for years, transferred here when they started to be a registrar. I was going to open a new store, changed my mind. So it was pointing for over a year somehow with having cloudflare as my registrar.

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How did it work that when I transferred my domain from godaddy to you, that I could point to my website for over a year, but now I can’t?

It’s not clear to me what you hope to accomplish by opening a ticket and then attempting to flag MoreHelp. There’s only one solution: Transfer your registration away from Cloudflare. ToS 6.1 already explains this.

Why should I pay and spend the trouble to when it worked until a week ago when I deleted to nameservers to transfer to a new shop. I’ve already paid the annual fee so it’s been over a year it’s been pointed to my website, but suddenly can’t? It makes 0 sense.
You merged it with a topic that’s not even my issue and marked it solved, care to tell me how it was pointed for so long when I transferred the domain from go daddy to here? If I didn’t set up the new shop, it would still be pointed lol.
…oh yay, so to leave this clown car, it’s going to take 7 days to complete. I only accounted for my shop to be down a week.

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